Introduction and motivation



“Why are we born as originals,

but die as copies???”

“When I was young I dreamed about becoming someone,
now I have become someone, but it’s not me...!”
What is enticing man away from himself? Wouldn’t it be natural to wonder;

Where am I?

How did I come here?

Why am I here?

Where am I going?

What is a human being?

Who am I?

Most often we act as persons throughout life. The word “person” means “face mask”. We hide behind different masks covering our true identity.
“Identity” means “identical with ones origin”.

Let yourself become sensitive to the longing of your heart, and to your deeper needs as a human being. Listen attentively to the inner voice, which speaks individually within everyone. This voice is often lost at a young age when trying to fit into the collective society, and consenting to collective set of values, and adjusting to the desires of others, without wondering at how oneself really understand life and therefore wish to express oneself.

This lost identity is fully possible to reawaken and again identify oneself with,
to become an expression of one’s own inner reality and truth,

one’s origin,

- the truth about yourself!


“To seek and recover what in our heart is dwelling”





on the inner Light





Repeat the words;
“There is a radiant light
shining bright deep inside of me”


I wish for the light deep inside of me to give me assurance of happiness.

I wish for the inner light to transform me, my feelings and thoughts,
and my actions and relations to everything and everyone.

I wish for the light to flow in my life.
I wish for it to become manifested in me and through me.
I wish for enlightenment by the light deep inside of me.

I wish to be united with the light
be light, light.

I want to let myself become
enlightened and irradiated,
in delight.







the inner Light



"There is a radiant light shining bright deep inside of me"


1. The place chosen should be undisturbed, where you can sit comfortably and peacefully. Sit in a restful position with your back straight, open and receptive. Breathe calmly.

2. Visualize a radiant light shining brightly deep inside yourself. Repeat the words- “There is a radiant light shining bright deep inside of me”. Try to experience the inner light. Try to feel the light as real and living inside yourself, become aware of its presence. Experience this light as a bearer of love, truth and life.

3. Release your feelings in the presence of the light.

4. Let the light shine out from its centre. Let it illuminate your body, especially the parts you would like to heal and restore from disease. Let it reinforce, vitalise and enlighten your whole being.

5. When you experience your whole body as radiant and illuminated, by the life-nurturing qualities of your inner light, let the light shine from your body and illuminate your closest surroundings: your clothes, where you are seated, your belongings.
Feel all your possessions in relationship to the inner light.

6. Experience your sussoundings, the landscape, the growing trees and plants, mountains, hills, lakes and plains. Consciously contact everything in the realtion to the light. Ask yourself- what relationship do I have with nature and all living beeings?
Look at the animals in the forests, the free animals, the domesticated animals. Experience them as enlighted and conscious beings with the same rights to live as yourself.

7. See all landscapes of the earth- plants, humans and animals with the eyes of beauty and love. Experience the earth, the moon, the stars, the sun and the Milky-way, our home in the universe. In every part this light is shining brightly.

8. Let yourself be brought back to your room. Let the inner light shine and radiate. Remember your close relations- your friends and family. Bring them into the light, make them shining and radiant. Give them your sympathy and joy.
Bring your enemies into the light- try to understand and forgive them. Try and reconcile yourself with them through the healing power of your inner light.

9. Rest in the energi of love that is shining and radiating in you and through you. Feel the great realationship and belonging with everything and everyone in the light.


Feel the joy of the inner light

Be still in the light
be radiant






1. The place for your meditaion should be chosen with great care. Select a place where you will only meditate, if possible. Make it beautiful and decorte with your preferred items related to your chosen diety. Place some flowers, an icon or a picture you like or have a special relation to. Or, if you like, leave the place empty and clean.

2. Different people like to visualize the location of the inner light in diffrent parts of their body. For some it may be the heart or the solar-plexus, for others it is located in the “third-eye”, on the forehead between the eyebrows. It is up to each and everyone to decide the location for the light within them selves. The inner light is a concept found in all religions and now even spoken of within Science. This is often mentioned by people with “close to death” experiences. Even the nuclear scientists are saying that the nucleus of an atom is shining with much greater power than the physical activity of the nucleus. Among religions this is regarded as Gods presence in his creation and for us humans to recognize our true identity as one in God. A meeting place for mankind and what we are referring to as God, our creator.
“There is a radiant light shining bright deep inside of me”. Repeat the line throughout the day quietly to yourself.

3. Meet the inner light, your and all living beeings life force- the source of creation - God in each and one of us. Make yourself more sensitive towards your deeper needs and your search for the true purpose of your life. Let the inner light enlighten you and heal your weaknesses, and bring you joy, and fortify your ability to become an instrument for its purposes.

4. If you are sick, or suffering some aliment, focus on and lead the light to the area of your desease. Let the light shine and heal the area which cause you problems. Let the light reflect love and healing qualities. Let the sickness become enlighted like the sun is shining down on earth at dawn every morning, driving away the darknss of the night.

5. Take a selective look at your belongings, what do you really need and what is of value in relation to the light? What is of less value should be discarded. Try to keep your belongings to a minimum to help keeping your focus on spiritual matters. Do no clutter your home with things that will distract you. Be mindful of your belongings. Ask yourself: “what do I really want to change regarding my personal possessions?”

6. What is your realtionship to the environment and especially the animals? Do you respect their lives and defend their rights to live peacefully and undisturbed? Are you thinking that you love all animals and is mindful of nature but at the same time looking the other way when they are being exploited and devastated? Do you take a stand against all animal exploition and the slaughterhouses and such in love and compassion?
Try to establish as much care and compassion for the world around you in your heart as possible. Through this you may revive a loving and compssionate relation to the whole creation, this will help you calm your mind and keep your conscience sound.*

7. Everything is one, everything is related, and everything is inter-acting in dependency of each other. Everything is enlighted by the inner light. All living beeings have the inner light within themselves. In some of the languages the word “light” and “life” are one and the same. Everything springs from the same source of life which it is constantly trying to express, and struggles to get back to, and become united with, its origin. What is looked upon as diversity is really united by the inner light.

8. It is not difficult to share the light of love with a dear one, parents, children or a spouse. But to bring in an enemy or someone who is afflicting pain in your life is much more difficult in the beginning. When you can eliminate your negative tendencies and emotions towards your fellow man that’s when true progress will take place. This will affect not only yourself but olso all your relationships and your surroundings will prosper from such a progress. Think of how everyone is living according to their “karma” or destiny and that noone can live and be happy without the love of your inner light. Try to understand, forgive and reconcile with everyone and everything.

9. “There is a radiant light shining bright deep inside of me”. Close your eyes and repeat the line of the meditation throughout the day. Search behind “closed eye-lids” for the inner light deep inside of you, let your surprise out when you find the light, but over time try to stabilise it into a more subtle joy. God is light! Everything is created of God’s image! Therefore everything in creation is light, united and sacred! In time you will be able to look upon creation as combined in unity, there is no diversity in creation, all is one. You will be perceptive of your own identity in “Gods light”, not the shifting characteristics and different personalities you usually identify your true self with. These false perceptions nourishes our needs and desires we think are our own nature, in fact they only block and prevent our inner light to expand and shine. Seek for your true self in the inner light deep inside yourself and everything will be enlightened and revealed to you. For anyone who has taken upon himself the struggle to find and realise his true identity, there is reason to gradually get acquainted with what we call death in the greatest assurance, because the only thing that death is not prevailing over is our internal ligh - our true identity. Then the natural death will be reduced to nothing but INTENSIFIED LIFE.



Let yourself become irradiated
the light...



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Texts by Simon Andersson